Tips for Buying Heavy Equipment

Tips for Buying Heavy Equipment

Machinery for road building, construction, mining and other kinds of heavy equipment for a range of purposes demands significant investment. It means that whatever type of heavy equipment you require ie. bulldozers, excavators, asphalt batching plants, motor graders, apollo construction equipment, etc, it is essential to buy it right. You need to pay the best price and get the assurance of its long usage.

If you are thinking of building a fleet of road building/construction equipment there should not be any margin of error. The construction equipment market is pegged to boom to nearly $200 billion in 2025. It is therefore critical to understand the importance of investment.

Paying attention to factors that explore cost savings, equipment sales and purchase essentials help towards having a better equipment deal. Let’s go through a few factors that can help you make the best pick:

  1. Company, Equipment and its Considerations: The company that sells machinery has to give valuable inputs to the purchasers online as well as offline. The details of the equipment, the ease of connectivity when concerns arise and the equipment features checklist are important considerations before making a purchase. This is like a little background check.Does the company explain the dealing of machinery under different weather/ climatic conditions? Are the machines rust-resistant or poised to work even when temperatures reduce drastically due to cold? What is the speed and strength of the equipment? Does it ideally fit my requirements? All these considerations have to be incorporated.Even the terrain where the equipment will be used has to be taken into consideration. Will it be on the plains, in dry regions or in forest areas or probably hilly slope regions? These aspects need to be checked due to the features suitability.Check out the seller company’s inspection reports, product quality, and solicit reviews and recommendations for a decision.
  2. What kind of purchase are you looking for? Since heavy expenditure is involved in purchase of heavy equipment, you need to keep in mind the project duration, company budget and the usability factor of the equipment. If you are unsure of your design consider this:
    • a. If you need equipment for short term project, hiring the equipment is a good solution
    • b. If you have a long-term need, hiring doesn’t add value to your business, hence it is cost-effective to buy it. The advantage of buying a new equipment is that you benefit from the upgraded technology features, warranty and on-going after sales technical support.
  3. Warranty: Majority of the construction and earth-moving machines as well as equipment have long warranty periods. These could be in years or based on work hours. Ensure that the warranty period suits your company requirements.
  4. Service History: How good is the service history of the company selling heavy equipment? Do background checks and talk with their clients about maintenance and services. Check out their service records and make a decision.
  5. Brand Reputation: Reputed brands who have great after sales services top the reliability factor. Also the recommendations for their machinery weighs in favor of them. Of greater benefit are the brands that are localized or have branches in your area so as to take advantage of quick services when needed.
  6. Inspection and Test Drive: If you can inspect the product for leaks or any issues or test drive/ test use it you can be assured of the buying intent. Run the machine for a few minutes and listen for any unusual noises which might not be part of the standard machine operation like knocking, singing, whining, squeaking or creaking whenever it is in motion.
  7. Clearance or Discontinued: Avoid clearance sale or discontinued brand clearance since it might be difficult to get parts or services of these machines later.
  8. Quality with Safety: Ensure that before finalization you check the equipment in terms of standards and user-friendliness. Safety should be paramount. Leaks or gaps in equipment need to be addressed before buying. It should also be compatible with the terrain it will be used in.
  9. Versatile: Equipment which are versatile in usage in different projects earn brownie points. They must be easy to attach and assemble with others. Also they should be easily used in different activities if possible.
  10. Buy Directly: Though there are smart dealers and equipment suppliers in India, it helps to connect to the main website and connect to the company directly. This ensures that the company keeps their after sales services and entire process accountable and are in loop of your purchase and after sales usage. This also factors in the trusted way of buying equipment

If you consider all these factors it will be helpful for you to make an educated decision about the best company to buy heavy equipment like asphalt batching plants, Apollo construction equipment, bulldozers, excavators, etc. Overall, remember that you need to buy an economical, trusted, durable, reliable and versatile equipment for your company.

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