5 Tips to Maintain and Extend Your Heavy Machinery

5 Tips to Maintain and Extend Your Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery entails heavy investment especially when dealing with mining, industrial, farming or equipment like Apollo construction equipment, asphalt batching plants, etc. It is imperative to want to have the maximal ROI of the investment you make in the purchase and use of these machines. Efficiently maintained large equipment runs longer and better. Since breakdowns and safety are of paramount importance here, there are a few tips that shall help you in large machinery maintenance.

Operator Training and Updation of Skills:eration of different types of large machines entails the usage by different operators. It is mandatory for them to upgrade and up skill their operations so that it is correctly aligned with the new technology adopted in the machines. It would be helpful to have a checklist of ongoing inspections. Large machines should be inspected immediately on purchase. Operator training at this point too should be done or else the machine may experience breakdowns frequently. Operator manuals can be an ideal way to ensure that they are tuned into the specific work the operator is assigned. It also helps if the language is simple. Provision of knowledge about the geographic location of the machine usage is an additional bonus to ensure that the machines are operated as per the prevailing conditions. Periodic maintenance by operators and their methods must be part of the operator training.

  1. Lubricant testing and usage:Using good quality lubricants periodically helps reduce friction of the moving parts of the machine. It also extends the life of large machines and their parts.Lubrication is the most important part of maintenance work. Excess of oil or grease build-up is not favored, nor the leaks. Assure that the right lubricant is used. Specific kinds of oil and grease for every component must be used instead of just using a single one. Manufacturer’s recommendations for this works best for your machine. The analysis of particles in the used oil gives the experts a good way to ensure that the oils and lubricants are working well. Any contaminants can wear the machine or lead to breakdown.
  2. Signs of Wear and Tear:If the machine has high temperatures , friction, shock effects and vibrations, it wears down faster. Check the vibrations from gears and belts. Poor operator usage or accidents can lead to shock effects. Poor lubrication, friction or extended use of machines can lead to high temperatures leading to worn parts. Belts may have cracks, seals may dry and bolts loosen or stretch due to age. Should you notice any such signs of wear and tear, you must replace the worn parts and remedy the matter.
  3. Keeping it clean:Keeping the machine clean and clear of any contamination is important. Seals and filters should be inspected regularly. Electronics are highly susceptible to wear and tear and should be inspected. Large machinery must be put in shed or storage building/premises so as to not let the weather effects corrode them. If the machines are not used for a long time, checking them by running them periodically ensures that they are perfectly in working condition whenever needed. Apollo construction equipment and asphalt batching plants take up the brunt of a lot of construction work and the surroundings in which these equipment are used can lead to a lot of collection of soil and other raw material clogs. These need to be routinely checked to ensure that they don’t tamper with the smooth operation of the machines.
  4. Record keeping of Maintenance and Repair:Keeping a record of maintenance and repair of equipment like Apollo construction equipment and asphalt batching plants, should not be taken lightly. Regular checks for preventive maintenance and inspections are a must.Ensuring that the electrical and power transmission parts are in top condition, lubrication and oiling of the different parts with top quality lubricants, inspection and replacement of parts that take maximal load in friction and more needs to be done routinely. Constant monitoring, testing and smooth running of all the parts of the machine needs to be done. A checklist and record of these inspections and replacements are quite helpful.

These 5 significant steps extend the usefulness of your machine life and improve your ROI from these machinery purchases. Ensuring that the knowledge of these machines is optimized to extract the maximal benefits and you are connected with the machine manufacturing distributors and service networks gives you great benefits and rewards. In conclusion, checks and careful handling are a great way to keep up with the machinery’s usefulness.

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